Lundazi is the first district in Eastern Province to have a certified dumpsite.

Lundazi is the first district in the province to have a ZEMA, Zambia Environmental Management Agency certified dumpsite.
This came to light during the first quarter of the provincial epidemic meeting, which was chaired by the Permanent Secretary for Eastern Province, Bert Mushala.
Lundazi district was further awarded with a certificate for being the cleanest district in the province.
Mr Mushala urged other districts to emulate the good works of Lundazi district and intensify their efforts.
Meanwhile, Provincial Medical Officer, Dr Kennedy Malama says all districts had shown a reduction in malaria incidences, but urged people not to relax as the situation could easily change overnight.
He says that non communicable diseases were causing more deaths than communicable diseases.
Dr. Malama further asked for support in the distribution and advocating for proper use of ITNs, Insecticide Treated Misquote Nets.

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