Lundazi mounts check point to stop spread of anthrax from Chama

Government in Lundazi district says it is on high alert to stop any spread of Anthrax from neighbouring Chama district.

District Livestock Officer Kelvin Kamphamba has told Breeze News that a check point has already been mounted at Eggichicken so that no meat is ferried into Lundazi from Chief Chikwa in Chama district.

Dr. Kamphamba has cautioned the Lundazi community not to eat any meat of unknown sources.

He however, stated that the district has not yet recorded any case both on human and wild animals.

Dr. Kamphamba has further stated that anthrax in human beings is characterised by nausea, rushes, high fever, pulmonary aspect, high mortality and element of diarrhoea.

He says the disease is treatable if detected early.

Anthrax has claimed 18 hippos in the Luangwa River and affected three people so far, who are among those that eat hippo meat.

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