Lundazi residents reject 50 per cent proposed water tariff adjustment

Lundazi residents have rejected a proposed 50 per cent water tariff adjustment by Eastern Water and Sewerage Company.

The residents rejected the proposed tariff increment for 2016, 2017 and 2018 during a meeting held by the utility company in the district yesterday.

The residents complained that most customers would not be in a position to pay, which would result in the company facing operational challenges.

They further complained that the move was likely to scare away would be clients while current customers were likely to look for other sources of water.

The members proposed that the water tariff adjustment be reduced to 30 per cent and spread across three years with an adjustment of 10 per cent each year up to 2018.

But Eastern Water and Sewerage Company, Managing Director Lighton Kanowa stated that the utility company was currently struggling with operations as money generated was inadequate.

Mr. Kanowa further indicated that improved financial base will help to retain qualified staff at the water company.

And Mr. Kanowa stated that engaging stakeholders was important as NWASCO, the National Water and Sanitation Council would not accept the proposal without the company consulting stakeholders.

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