Lutembwe Dam One and Two in Chipata record a further increase in water levels.

Lutembwe Dam One and Two in Chipata have recorded a further increase in water levels.
Eastern Water and Sewerage Company Spokesperson, Henry Kashoki has confirmed stating that the company hopes the district can continue to receive good rains.

Speaking to Breeze News, Mr Kashoki explained that although the two plants have recorded an increase in water levels, the company has maintained supply hours at 18 on average per day.
He also indicated that supply of water was stabilising in Chipata because supply of electricity by ZESCO has improved.
And Mr Kashoki says that the company is in the process of replacing water pipes in Chipata’s Moth Extension area because supply has been erratic.
He explained that most people who have built houses in the area used small water pipes, which has contributed to failure by the company to properly service the area.
Mr Kashoki further indicated that the geographical location of Moth Extension has provided some challenges to supply water regularly.

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