Maize buyers in Vubwi district are buying a 50 Kilogramme bag at between 85 and 130 Kwacha.

The smuggling of maize to neighbouring Malawi through Vubwi district is on the increase.
According to investigations carried out by Breeze News, farmers are being enticed to sell their maize by briefcase buyers, who are offering high buying prices.
The buyers are buying a 50 Kilogramme bag of maize at between 85 and 130 Kwacha, which is way below the 65 Kwacha offered by FRA, the Food Reserve Agency.
And Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Bert Mushala says that farmers are free to sell their maize to private companies offering better prices.
Mr. Mushala has however, cautioned the farmers against smuggling maize to Malawi stating that it is illegal.
He told Breeze News that the farmers risk losing out if caught smuggling maize.

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