Malawian authorities order Zambians in Kaleza area in Chipata to leave

Malawian authorities have ordered Zambians in Kaleza area in Chipata district, who found themselves on that country’s side after the putting of new beacons at the border, to leave by October 30th.

In a letter informing government officials, Kaleza Farm Block Chairperson, Pilate Zulu, says that last week, game scouts from Malawi in the company of ZAWA officials, visited the area and ordered the Zambians to leave or face serious consequences.
He explained that people now feel they have no option, but to move to the Zambian side, despite having lived in the area for more than 21 years.
And Vice Chairperson, David Tonga and Secretary, Thomas Phiri, told Breeze News that there are so many Malawians that have found themselves on the Zambian side following the new border markings, but have continued to leave peacefully.
They mentioned Chimango, Msapenda, Lundu, Lingililani Lionoa and Zindo, as some of the big villages in Zambia, but occupied by Malawians.
And Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, confirmed receiving the letter from the villagers.
Mr. Kasolo wondered how the Malawian game scouts could go to Kaleza area and order the people to leave, when the process of border marking has not yet been finalised.
He explained that a commission is currently working with surveyors from both countries demarcating the borders.
Mr. Kasolo, however, emphasized that until when the commission completes its work, people should not be ordered to move.
He says that the plans will have to be submitted to both governments for ratification and there will be a signing ceremony after agreeing.
Mr. Kasolo, however, says what is not clear is whether the affected people are in a game management area or not.
He explained that if they are in a game management area, then it is a whole different situation, because settling in game management area is not allowed even in Zambia.

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