Male and female patients share ward at Mkomba rural health Centre in Lundazi district.

Male and female patients are sharing one admission ward at Mkomba rural health Centre in Chief Kapichila’s area in Lundazi district.
This came to light when Lundazi district Commissioner Janet Mvula toured the clinic during this year’s World TB Day.
Judith Nyirenda of Matako Village complained to the District Commissioner that it is against the custom of Zambians for female and male patients to be sharing the same admission ward.
She called on government to construct another admission ward at the clinic.
Ms. Nyirenda also complained that the clinic has no mother’s shelter.
She says that this has forced people looking after patients, to spend nights in corridors, and that the situation worsens during the rainy season.
Meanwhile, Eneless Nkunika of Sapiele farms in Chief Mwase’s area also expressed concern with the shortage of staff at the clinic saying the health facility has only one worker.
And Lundazi district commissioner, Janet Mvula called on people in the area, to mould bricks for the construction of a news ward.
She said that government through the health department would finance the project.

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