Mambwe District Commissioner accused of campaigning for Patriotic Front in Malambo

Mambwe District Commissioner, Caroline Mwanza has been accused of campaigning for PF candidate Jack Shuma in Malambo Constituency.
UPND vice Provincial Chairperson for Political, Alexander Miti says that Ms. Mwanza is actively involved in night time campaigns.
Speaking to Breeze News, Mr. Miti alleged that Ms. Mwanza is threatening women clubs that they will not receive their money from government if they do not support Mr. Shuma.
He further alleged that Ms. Mwanza is also threatening beneficiaries of the Social Cash Transfer Scheme that they will not be given their money if they do not support and campaign for Mr. Shuma.
Mr. Miti complained that Ms. Mwanza is not supposed to get involved in active politics because she is a civil servant, who is supposed to be neutral.
But when contacted for comment, Ms. Mwanza denied any wrongdoing, stating that she is only involved in spearheading government programmes.
She also indicted that she had received information that bicycles for the Social Cash Transfer Scheme were being abused to campaign for UPND.

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