Mambwe district council calls for quick eviction of squatters in Nyakatokoli forest.

The Mambwe District Council says that the eviction of people, who have encroached and illegally settled in forests in the district, must be executed as quickly as possible.
Council Chairperson, George Banda, observes that the process must be done before the onset of the rains, to avoid disturbing agricultural activities of people.
Mr. Banda also observed that the illegal settlers are contributing to illegal trade of timber, particularly Mkula tree.
He says that the local authority needs to work together with the Forestry Department in forestry conservation and protection of natural resources.
Mr. Banda also called for more sensitization over the dangers of indiscriminate cutting down of trees and selling of Mkula tree.
Meanwhile, Mr. Banda says that names for township roads in the district were already proposed, except that no tags have yet been put.
Mr. Banda was responding to queries from residents of Mambwe, who wondered why the township roads that have been tarred have no names.
He explained that most of the names were derived from popular local places such as hills, local heroes and chiefs.
Mr. Banda assured that the council will handle the matter administratively to ensure that it is implemented as soon as possible.

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