Manjeet Cotton Company employees in Lundazi and Chama districts on go slow.

Manjeet Cotton Company employees in Lundazi and Chama districts have gone on a go slow, citing uncertainty over the company’s future.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the workers told Breeze News in Lundazi that they do not know their fate as the company will close operations at the end of this month.

The workers complained that management has not officially updated them on the way forward, as the company is merging with Parrogate Company.

They revealed that Parrogate Company employees have already taken up supervisory roles at Manjeet Company, a situation sending panic among the workers.

The irate workers also disclosed that up to date, some workers have not signed contracts, despite serving for more than eight months.

And the workers are demanding to know when the buyers and chairmen will be paid their incentives, dispatch and purchase commissions, since the company office closes down on the September 30th, 2016.

And Area Manager, Samson Mbewe, acknowledged that the workers are on go slow.


He disclosed that it is now almost a week from the time the workers went on go slow, but could not give further details, alleging he was equally in darkness saying directors in Chipata are best positioned to give other details

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