Marike Construction Company blames government for delayed construction works of Chikando High Secondary School.

Works of constructing Chikando High Secondary School by Marike Construction Company have stalled for close to eight months.
Marike Construction Company Engineer, Sunga Mweshi says that the works stalled because government has not paid 10 per cent advance payment.
Mr. Mweshi told Luengeni Member of parliament, Charles Zulu when he visited the construction site that government only paid 1.3 billion Kwacha unrebased, which does not meet the ten per cent payment.
Mr. Mweshi says the company had started building the school using its own money but stopped after the funds ran out.
And when Mr. Zulu asked how the Chinese are managing to finish the contracts in time, Mr. Mweshi said that the foreign companies use their own money as they are assisted by the Bank of China.
Mr. Mweshi however, assured Mr. Zulu who is also energy deputy minister that the 13.8 billion Kwacha project, which started in February 2011, will be completed by the end of this year.
Meanwhile villagers in Luengeni Constituency are not happy that the construction works for the only secondary school in the area have stalled.
Josphat Thole told Breeze News that there is high demand for a secondary school in the area due to the increasing number of pupils in basic schools.

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