Marketeers demand payment from Presidential Initiative Fund

Marketeers have continued pressurising those in charge of the Presidential Initiative Fund in Chipata to give them loans.

Kapata market Chairperson, Richard Lunda told Breeze News that he is being pressurised by the over two thousand traders  who registered for the soft loans under NATMAZ, National Traders and Marketeers Association of Zambia to give them the money.

Mr. Lunda says only about 16 out of 2,400 marketeers under NATMAZ have so far received the money.

Mr. Lunda says he registered marketeers from Chisitu, Chipata Motel, Gonda, Kapata, Sangulukani, Jere and Nabvutika markets but up to now only those from Kapata and Nabvutika markets have received the 450 to 1,000 kwacha loans.

He expressed worry that the traders have become impatient and are now demanding that he refunds the 23 kwacha they spent when registering for the soft loans.

Mr. Lunda explained that the challenge is that the association that was registering the traders is based on the Copperbelt.

He assured the affected marketeers to be patient as he is making efforts to communicate with them to find out how far the process has gone.

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