Marketeers in compound markets abandon stands for illegal street vending

Illegal street vending along Umodzi Highway in Chipata is attracting traders from Kapata, Nabvutika and Kaumbwe markets.
Saturday Market Chairperson, Peter Soko told Breeze News that the traders have abandoned their markets to trade illegally on the streets.
Mr. Soko explained that it was not possible for Saturday Market to accommodate all the illegal street vendors because not all of them are from the Saturday market.
And some marketeers say that they will be willing to leave Umodzi Highway if traders from other markets also return to their trading areas.
Meanwhile Mr. Soko says that illegal street vendors should relocate back to their markets so that Mota Engel is allowed to work without being inconvenienced.
Early this week, the company advised all illegal street vendors trading along Umodzi Highway to relocate because full scale works are about to start.

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