Marketeers in Lundazi district warn government over delayed loans

Marketeers in Lundazi district are unhappy with the pace at which the disbursement of the presidential initiative fund is moving.

Some marketeers who opted to remain anonymous complained to Breeze News that the rate at which marketeers were accessing the fund was very slow.

The marketeers wondered if the program was truly an initiative of the President or they were just being cheated by using the name of the president.

The marketeers cautioned the Patriotic Front government against playing with their minds especially that the country will soon hold elections.

And Market Committee Chairperson Godwin Sakala also complained about the payment process saying only 60 marketeers out of the 4,000 registered have accessed the loans.

Mr. Sakala revealed that nearly every day he is questioned about the funds by marketeers.

But Lundazi District Commissioner Janet Palukani says that the marketeers should not be worried as her office was committed to facilitating payment to the marketeers.

Ms. Palukani indicated that her office is in constant touch with the Patron of the presidential initiative fund, Chanda Kabwe.

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