Mealie meal price now hits K100

The price of a 25 kilogram bag of breakfast mealie-meal in Chipata district is now almost hitting 100 kwacha.

A ten kilogram bag of breakfast mealie-meal is selling at 50 Kwacha.

A check by Breeze News in some shops within town and Kapata market, found the price of a 25 kilogram bag of mealie-meal being sold at 97 and 96 kwacha respectively.

A 25 kilogram bag of some other brands is being sold at between 94 and 95 kwacha.

The locally produced brands, which were at 75 kwacha, are now being sold at 85 kwacha per 25 kilogram bag.

A ten kilogram bag of mealie- meal at Kapata market is being sold at 50 kwacha while other super markets within town are selling it at about 45 kwacha.

And some traders attributed the price hike in mealie meal to increase in the order price of Zambia’s staple food.

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