Mealie meal prices go up in Chipata

Prices of mealie-meal have been adjusted upwards in Chipata district.

A check by Breeze News at Kapata market found a 25 kilogram bag of breakfast being sold at 92 kwacha from the previous 90 kwacha while a ten kilogram bag of breakfast is now 50 kwacha.

At town centre, the wholesale price for a 25 kilogram bag of National Milling breakfast is 86 kwacha.

Other super markets within town are selling a 25 kilogram bag of Mother’s pride at 89 Kwacha 99 Ngwee and 88 Kwacha 43 Ngwee while a ten kilogram bag of the same brand is being sold between 41 and 43 Kwacha.

The locally produced mealie-meal has had its price adjusted upwards from the previous 80 kwacha to 85 Kwacha 99 ngwee per 25 kilogram bag and 36 Kwacha 99 Ngwee per ten kilogram bag.

Roller meal is now being sold at 68 Kwacha 99 Ngwee per 25 kilogram bag while a ten kilogram bag is being sold at 29 Kwacha 99 Ngwee.

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