Medical staff annoy villagers

Residents of Kwenje ward in Kasenengwa Constituency are calling for the removal of some health workers at Kwenje Rural Health Centre.

Michael Shanzi, a resident in the area says some health workers should be replaced because they are not delivering accordingly.

Mr. Shanzi says this is because the Ministry of Health, has deployed young health personnel at the health institution, who are failing to execute their work professionally.

He says the Ministry of Health should send mature health workers, who should be willing to serve the community unconditionally.

And Joyce Phiri of Makangano village says health workers at Kwenje Rural Health Centre, refuse to attend to patients in the late evening.

Mrs. Phiri says there are certain cases which need urgent attention, but that people who seek medical attention in the evening are told to see health workers in the morning.

The residents have further alleged that the health institution is usually opened late at 10 hours instead of the normal opening time of 08 hours.

This came to light during a developmental meeting organized by Chipata Mayor Sinoya Mwale in the area.

But Chipata District Senior Environmental Health Officer Lameck Banda, says the Ministry of Health does not consider age when employing health workers but expertise.

Mr. Banda explained that the Ministry of Health can only take action on issues that are related to poor behavior by health workers.

He says health workers are not supposed to refuse to attend to patients during the evening because there are some cases, which need urgent attention.

Mr. Banda has advised the affected residents to be reporting such cases to health neighborhood committee members, so that action is taken.

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