MEF monitors complain over delayed payment

Close to three hundred people who were engaged to monitor the August 11 general elections by MEF, Movement for Economic Freedom have complained of delayed payment.

Speaking to Breeze News, the monitors say that they feel cheated because MEF has not given a reasonable explanation as to why their payment has delayed.

Speaking on behalf of their colleagues, Emmanuel Kakumbi and Namoonga Mwiinga complained that from the start of the exercise, MEF has not paid them any money.

They complained they were told to use their own money to cover all the expenses involved in monitoring the elections and that they would be paid back but this has not happened.

But when contacted, MEF President Sidney Muyanda says that the monitors will only be paid after the new president has been sworn in.

Mr. Muyanda told Breeze News through a telephone interview that this is because MEF is carrying out what he described as intensive audit to ensure that it does not pay ghost monitors.

He further stated that payment would delay until after the swearing ceremony because one of the forms needed to make payment requires that the name of the new president be indicated on the form.

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