Members of Parliament told to resign if they are not interested in a new constitution.

Members of Parliament that believe that Zambians do not need a new constitution have been told to resign from their positions on moral grounds.
This is according to a media statement issued by Grand Coalition on People Driven Constitution Eastern Province Chairperson, John Mthaziko Zulu.
Mr. Zulu says that the altitude of the majority of MPs towards constitutional reforms is worrying and that this is why they have no moral right to sit in parliament.
And Mr. Zulu has strongly objected to a piecemeal amendment of the constitution through parliament.
He has charged that it will be a curse for the MPs to start debating and amending clauses from what they are in the draft constitution.
Mr. Zulu says that this is so because the said non-contentious clauses were arrived at during the 2012 and 2013 conventions, which provided broader citizen input.
He says that it will be scandalous for the MPs to depart from views of the majority, whom they are representing in parliament.
Mr. Zulu has challenged the MPs to forget about their political affiliations and show Zambians that they are able to agree on a common good by adopting the contentious clauses as they appear in the draft constitution.
He has further pointed out that a referendum is the most preferable way of passing all amendment to the constitution despite it being expensive.

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