Members of the Chipata district Development Coordinating Committee advised to change their poor working culture.

The district Development Coordinating Committee members in Chipata have been advised to change their poor working culture.
Chipata District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu says that he is aware of the poor working culture in some government and private institutions.
Mr. Zulu says that disciplinary action will be taken on people who will continue with their negative attitude towards work.
Mr. Zulu has also advised DDCC members to be attending planning meetings, whenever they are invited.
He says that DDCC meetings allows different institutions both government and private to plan on the way forward of some developmental projects.
Mr. Zulu was speaking during the first quarter of the DDCC meeting held in Chipata.
The DDCC meeting, which was supposed to take place on Tuesday this week, was postponed to yesterday because of the low turnout of its members.

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