Millers in Chipata increase grinding prices for maize.

Millers in Chipata have increased grinding prices from three Kwacha fifty ngwee to eight Kwacha per five litre tin of grain maize.
A check by Breeze News found that nearly all millers visited had a uniform price of eight kwacha per five litre tin of grain maize.
The one hundred and twenty per cent increase has taken people of Chipata by surprise.
But Matiyas Daka of Lungu Milling and Innocent Daka of Emmanuel Milling in Nabvutika Compound both said the increment was in line with ZESCO tariffs which had been increased before being reduced by President Edgar Lungu.
They said that if they were charging customers old prices, business would ground to a halt because they will be running the business at a loss.
And some of the people interviewed said that most commodities have become extremely expensive adding that making ends meet was becoming difficult.
Roddah Zulu, Betha Mwanza and Catherine Mulauzi all said that it is surprising that everything is being rated in dollars instead of kwacha.
They said that something should be done by government before the situation gets worse especially in rural areas where people do not understand the dollar issue.

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