Millers selling mealie meal above government recommended prices risk being blacklisted.

The Millers Association of Zambia, MAZ has cautioned millers against selling mealie-meal at exorbitant prices.
MAZ president Allan Sakala told Breeze News, that millers whose commodity is fetching more than 63 Kwacha per 25 kilogramme bag are dishonest.

Mr. Sakala says that this is because millers are using the 150,000 metric tonnes, which was released by FRA, the Food Reserve Agency following successful negotiations between government and MAZ.
He stated in an interview with Breeze News that the price of mealie-meal should not be above 63 Kwacha for breakfast and not more than 37 Kwacha for roller meal because each 50 kg bag of maize from FRA was costing 65 Kwacha.
He says that these recommended prices have been made with an addition of transport costs.
Mr. Sakala says during the negotiations, Government warned all millers to sell the mealie-meal according to the recommended prices, stating that millers, who are going to sell the mealie-meal at higher prices, will be blacklisted.

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