Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives given 60 million Kwacha for crop purchases.

Government has given the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative 60 million Kwacha for crop purchases.


Government has also affirmed the commitment to procure maize and pay farmers on time.


This is according a statement released to Breeze News by Ministry of Finance spokesperson, Chileshe Kandeta.


Mr. Kandeta says that the money is part of the 1.6 billion Kwacha released by the treasury between June 30th and July 4th 2014.


He also explained that the treasury has released 378 million Kwacha to the Ministry of Education of which 240 million Kwacha is for school infrastructure projects in various provinces.

Mr. Kandeta says that 2 million Kwacha has been set aside for the construction of markets and bus stops across the country.


He explains that four million Kwacha for construction of chiefs’ palaces has also been released.


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