Ministry of Agriculture start army worms “fight”

The Ministry of Agriculture in Eastern Province says it has started spraying crop fields, which have been attacked by army worms in the affected districts.

Provincial Agriculture Coordinator, Roy Lumamba told Breeze News that Mambwe district is the most affected as most crops have been attacked by army worms, while Chipata, Petauke, Nyimba and Vubwi districts have few reports of army worms and the maize stalk borer.

Mr. Lumamba says the province received 580 litres of Sypamenthrine chemical to spray on army worms and the chemical has also been distributed to other districts which have no reports of the pests so that they are prepared.

Mr. Lumamba says the chemicals have come with sprayers and protective clothing.

He says officers from the Ministry of Agriculture are on the ground helping out farmers whose fields have been attacked by the pests.

The PACO thanked the Ministry headquarters for responding quickly to control the pests.

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