Ministry of Health declares readiness to fight any outbreak of cholera and Zika diseases.

The Ministry of Health in Eastern Province says it is ready for the Cholera and Zika outbreaks.
Provincial Medical Officer, Dr. Abel Kabalo told Breeze News that all measures have been put in place to attend to patients in case of any outbreaks.
This follows reports on Cholera outbreak in Kasungu district of Malawi and Zika in other parts of the world.
Zika is an infection that affects pregnant women when bitten by a mosquito and causes their baby to have small heads and a smaller brain.
Dr. Kabalo says the Ministry became alert when there was an outbreak of Ebola in some West African countries and is ready to handle any disease outbreak.
The Provincial Medical Officer has however appealed to people in the province to exercise High standards of Hygiene in their surroundings.
He says people should ensure that they wash their food always, treat drinking water and use toilets to answer the call of nature while washing hands after using toilets.
Dr. Kabalo says Cholera which has broken out in Malawi can easily spread to this province because of the porousness of the border, adding that there is need for people to avoid eating already cooked food from the streets.

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