Ministry of Health in huge debt

The Ministry of Health in Chipata owes retirees huge sums of money in unsettled allowances.

This includes people who retired from as way back as 2006.

And speaking to Breeze News, Charles Phiri a former security officer under Chipata district health office says more than 20 of them who retired in 2008 have not been paid their long term service bonuses.

Mr. Phiri says the Ministry promised to pay them their money but despite making so many claim applications, nothing has happened up to now.

And when contacted for a comment, Chipata District Medical Officer, Davies Simwaba confirmed to Breeze News that the district owes people, who retired from 2006 to date huge amounts of money.

Dr. Simwaba says the owed amount is in leave and travel service bonuses and long term bonuses.

He says his office only received funding for paying retirees in 2013 but could not pay all the retired workers because the money was not enough.

The district medical officer says government has promised to release funds for paying retirees soon.

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