Misapplication of funds at Chadiza Council

Lack of proper monitoring of projects expenditure at Chadiza District Council, resulted in the misapplication of Constituency Development Funds, CDF for 2014.

Responding to a question from Chanjowe Ward Councilor Acklas Mbewe, Council Treasurer, Smart Muwowo, explained that the over expenditure on some projects and administrative costs was because of lack of proper monitoring of projects expenditure and use of records.

Chanjowe Ward Councilor Acklas Mbewe wanted to know what the management has done over the misapplied 70,000 kwacha that was budgeted for a Play Ground at Chadiza Show Grounds.

He explained that one million two hundred and fifty-six thousand Kwacha was spent on six CDF projects instead of the slightly one million and eight thousand Kwacha budgeted for.

Mr. Muwowo says this shows an overspending of over 47,900, 000 Kwacha.

He also explained that the budgeted administration costs on CDF projects were 20,000 Kwacha, but instead, 36,800 was spent.

Mr. Muwowo further revealed that council management misapplied CDF amounting to about 21, 700 Kwacha as the money was diverted to paying Council Casual Workers.

He also disclosed that the council overspent 86,500 kwacha on various CDF projects against what was budgeted.

And the Finance, Human Resource and General Purposes Committee recommended that the 21,700 Kwacha, which was misapplied by paying Council Casual Workers and the 16,800, which was overspent on administrative cost should be refunded to the CDF Account so that works at the Play Ground can commence.

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