MMD accuses government of using district commissioners to bribe its councillors.

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD has declared political battle against district commissioners across the country.
And the former ruling party has warned that the country risks going into political chaos in 2016, if the PF, Patriotic Front government does not allow the ECZ, Electoral Commission of Zambia to operate independently.
MMD President, Dr. Nevers Mumba says that the party has uncovered a scam, where district commissioners are being used to bribe MMD councillors so that they abandon the former ruling party.
He was speaking this morning during a live radio programme dubbed “Political Hour” on Breeze FM.
And Dr. Mumba says that MMD does not have any problem with ECZ but is against government’s interference in the operations of the electoral body.
The MMD President charged that the ruling party, which is currently very excited about being in power, has formulated a system to rig all by-elections.
He, however, explained that although the MMD has decided not to contest the forth coming Kapiri Mposhi and Lukulu West by-elections, it will next week on Tuesday engage the ECZ on its concerns.
Meanwhile Dr. Mumba says that the MMD is not an enemy of the ruling party but has the duty to hold government accountable.
He charged that the PF government has not fulfilled any of the 90 days campaign promises it made in the run up to the 2011 general elections.
But in an immediate reaction, Government has dismissed the allegation that district commissioners are involved in buying MMD councillors.

Information and Broadcasting Services Deputy Minister Mwansa Kapeya says District Commissioners are pure civil servants who should not be dragged into political madness by Dr. Mumba.

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