MMD accuses the Patriotic Front of influencing the courts’ decision to nullify the Vubwi parliamentary seat.

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD has blamed PF, Patriotic Front Party over the Supreme Courts’ decision to nullify the Vubwi parliamentary seat.
MMD Provincial Chairperson, Alexander Miti says that the nullifications of the parliamentary seats are being influenced by the ruling party.
Mr. Miti says that MMD is deeply saddened with the courts’ decision to nullity the seat because instead of concentrating on development, people’s focus in Vubwi will now shift to politics.
He also charged that the nullification of the Vubwi seat is an attempt by the ruling party to penetrate Eastern Province, which is considered as the stronghold of the former ruling party.
But when contacted, PF Provincial Chairperson, Lameck Mangani says that MMD has only itself to blame for the parliamentary seats being nullified by the courts.
Mr. Mangani says that during the September 20 general elections in 2011, MMD was too desperate to ensure that former president, Rupiah Banda returns to power and ended up flouting electoral rules.

He explained that reasons for parliamentary seats being nullified in Eastern Province are similar and that the courts are guided by evidence when passing judgments and not government.
The Supreme Court yesterday nullified the Vubwi and Zambezi West parliamentary seats.

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