MMD and PF meet to sort out adoption confusion

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD and PF, Patriotic Front Party are holding a high level meeting on adoption of candidates.

MMD Provincial Chairperson Zephaniah Kaleya has confirmed to Breeze News, stating that this is meant to sort out the confusion that has ensued over the adoptions.

Mr. Kaleya explained that the two political parties which have formed an alliance need to agree on which seats will be contested by PF and which seats will be contested by MMD.

Confusion ensued after PF adopted candidates in all the 17 constituencies of Eastern Province forcing MMD to take a similar move.

Mr. Kaleya says that some candidates might be withdrawn from both parties depending on what they will agree.

Yesterday the MMD revealed about eight names of candidates adopted in some constituencies in Chadiza, Chipata, Katete and Lundazi districts.

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