MMD and UPND deny any involvement in a scam where PF cadres have been accused of swindling over 300 villagers in Chadiza district.

The ruling Patriotic Front, PF, has been challenged not to drag opposition parties in a matter in which its members allegedly swindled over 300 villagers in Chadiza district of their money and domestic animals, by cheating them that they would be given jobs.
United Party for National Development, UPND and Movement for Multiparty Democracy, MMD, say that the PF should just settle the mess created by its members, instead of blaming the opposition.
Speaking in different interviews, UPND provincial vice publicity secretary Victor Mbuzi and MMD provincial youth chairperson, Chembe Daka told Breeze News that the PF should learn to be honest and tell people the truth.
They wondered why PF Chadiza Constituency Chairperson, Christopher Banda, decided to lie that the people were cheated by the opposition, when the affected villagers clearly explained that they were swindled by PF members.
The duo who described the act as stealing, said that the PF should just urge its members involved in the scam to go back and apologise to the affected people, and return whatever they collected.
They also called on the police to investigate the matter and ensure that all those involved are punished.
More than 300 villagers in Chadiza district have been swindled out of their money and domestic animals after being promised jobs by suspected PF, Patriotic Front cadres.
On Tuesday, the villagers gathered at Chipata-Chadiza junction waiting to be employed in the tarring project of Chipata- Chadiza road.
Some villagers, who came in as early as 04 hours for the employment narrated that people purporting to belong to the ruling party promised that they would be offered employment.

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