MMD backtracks on its threats

The MMD has decided against its earlier threat to suspend its alliance with PF, following campaign confusion.

Provincial Secretary Julius Phiri says that suspending the alliance with the ruling party will not assist to resolve anything.

Mr. Phiri has told Breeze News that the best solution to resolving the matter is for PF to withdraw from campaigns people that are de-campaigning MMD.

He says that the former ruling party would rather engage President Edgar Lungu on the matter so that people causing confusion are not involved in campaigns.

Mr. Phiri says that those being hostile to the MMD are indirectly de-campaigning Mr. Lungu.

Last week, MMD Provincial Spokesperson Zephaniah Kaleya warned that his party would have no choice but to suspend the alliance if the PF does not stop de-campaigning MMD.

Some PF members are reported to be telling electorates not to vote for MMD candidates because the former ruling party is politically dead.

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