MMD councilor for Sisinje ward, Samuel Lugomo Phiri accused of neglecting his duties.

Some villagers in Sisinje ward of Chipata district have complained of being neglected by their area councilor, Samuel Lugomo Phiri.

Sandy Banda and Clement Zulu have told Breeze News that Mr. Phiri has not visited their area from the time he was voted into office.

The due complained of the poor state of Mtewe-Kaliyoyo road and lack of access to safe drinking water.

Mr. Banda and Mr. Zulu say that more than 800 villagers in the area are forced to share one borehole.

But when contacted for comment, Mr. Phiri said that the villagers should understand that the time for politicking is now over.

Mr. Phiri said that he has been visiting various parts of the ward explaining to people the plans that he has put in place to facilitate rehabilitation of the road and address the problem of drinking water.

He says that Chipangali Constituency has purchased machinery at a cost of over 1 million Kwacha to be used for drilling boreholes while money will be set aside to repair Mtewe bridge and the road.


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