MMD describes as lies a statement that opposition MPs cannot facilitate development in their area.

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD has dismissed a statement that opposition Members of Parliament cannot facilitate development in their area.
MMD provincial information and publicity secretary, Msusa Mwambula says that development can be attained regardless of one’s political affiliation.
Mr. Mwambula was speaking during Political Hour radio programme on Breeze FM on Monday.
And Mr Mwambula says that the PF made a lot of promises to people, which have not been fulfilled.
He further explained that when President Michael Sata visited Chipata last week, he should have apologised to people for not fulfilling promises and explain what plans the government has put in place to address the looming hunger.
And Mr. Mwambula says that government should have said something on the 65 Kwacha maize selling price which is low compared to prices being used by brief case buyers.

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