MMD East spokesperson refuses to settle assualt case outside court

MMD Eastern Province spokesperson, Zephenia Kaleya has refused to resolve his assault case with MMD Provincial Chairperson, Jacob Mwanza and Chipata District Treasurer, Christopher Zulu, outside the court.

Mr. Kaleya says the case is still on and he has not yet made a decision to resolve it outside the court because he has not consulted his family, friends and party members on the matter.

He says police have informed him that they have not yet arrested a third person who was there when he was being assaulted.

Mr. Kaleya explained that the wrangles between MMD members are not only about party vehicles but personal hatred.

MMD Provincial Chairperson, Jacob Mwanza and Chipata District treasurer, Christopher Zulu, were last week apprehended by the police for allegedly assaulting Mr. Kaleya.

Mr. Mwanza and Mr. Zulu are expected to appear in court today.

And when contacted for a comment, Mr. Mwanza indicated that he did not appear at the court because he wants the matter to be discussed outside the court.

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