MMD in Eastern Province welcomes high court ruling

The MMD in Eastern Province has welcomed the high courts’ decision to allow the former ruling party hold a convention before the August 11 general elections.

Provincial Spokesperson, Zephaniah Kaleya says that the court ruling will assist to settle misunderstandings that have engulfed MMD.

Mr Kaleya told Breeze News in an interview that the court ruling should also send a message to MMD President Nevers Mumba that he cannot fight the party’s constitution because it is law.

He says that the party now needs to move quickly in holding a convention so that MMD can chose new national leaders including a president.

High Court Judge Mubanga Kondolo ruled that there was nothing to stop the Felix Mutati group in the MMD from holding a convention to elect the next president of the party.

Judge Kondolo stated that this is because there was no documentary evidence before court to support the fact that MMD President Nevers Mumba was elected for a five year tenure of office in April 2012, and therefore a party convention can be held.

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