MMD in Katete unhappy with PF district leadership

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD in Katete has accused the PF, Patriotic Front Party leadership in that district of being insincere over the alliance.

MMD District Chairperson Lucas Ngoma alleged that the PF district leadership misled President Edgar Lungu during a meeting yesterday in Katete that MMD does not work with PF.

Mr. Ngoma says that this was untrue because President Lungu could have not amassed enough votes in Katete if the MMD did not campaign for him.

He says that the MMD is disappointed that because of the fake report submitted by the PF leadership, MMD members were left out from benefiting from President Lungu’s trip.

Mr. Ngoma appealed to the head of state to ignore the report because the MMD in the district is committed to supporting the governing party.

And efforts to get a comment from Katete District PF Chairperson, Moses Phiri proved futile by News time.

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