MMD in Lundazi accuses MPs of being greedy

The former ruling Movement for Multi-Democracy MMD in Lundazi district is disturbed with Members of Parliament calling for amendment of the constitution to allow MPs seat in councils.

District MMD Party Chairman Godfrey Mapili has told Breeze News that the demand by MPs to seat in council meetings is purely out of greediness.

Mr. Mapili wondered why MPs would now want the clause to be changed when the same constitution passed through the same Parliament.

He states that with the decentralization policy now in place, MPs should allow councillors, town clerks and council secretaries implement council resolutions without their interference.

And Mr. Mapili has expressed disappointment that some MPs from Eastern Province were among those who supported the amendment of the national constitution.

He stated that MPs still want to continue hijacking the disbursement of CDF, Constituency Development Funds, a situation he described as unfortunate.

The former district council chairman has advised the MPs to allow councillors run the affairs of the local authority.

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