MMD leadership not aware of its participation in Kakumbi ward by-election.

Confusion in MMD, the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy has ensued over the Kakumbi local government by-election.
MMD Provincial Youth Chairperson, Chembe Daka says that the provincial leadership is not aware that MMD is participating in the by- election.
Mr. Daka told Breeze News that what he is aware of, is that MMD President Nevers Mumba has put a stop order on MMD from participating in any by-election.
He says that this means that MMD will support the PF, Patriotic Front Party until after the stop order is lifted by the party president.
However, the MMD in Mambwe District is fielding a candidate in the August 6 Kakumbi local government by-election, which has seen misunderstandings ensuing between MMD and PF.
Two days ago, MMD Mambwe District Chairperson, Zephaniah Kaleya announced that MMD had suspended any form of relationship with PF because of dirty campaigns.

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