MMD Provincial Youth Chairperson, Chembe Daka denies defecting to Patriotic Front Party.

MMD provincial youth chairman, Chembe Daka has denied ditching the former ruling party.
Mr. Daka says that he has been working with the PF just to help the party adding that he is still the Provincial youth chairperson for MMD.
Mr. Daka was on Friday evening introduced to the Vice President, Inonge Wina in Chipata by PF Provincial Chairperson Attan Mwamba that he was now working with the ruling party.
Mr. Mwamba explained that the party is welcoming Members of the opposition who wish to work with PF as one way of winning elections in 2016.
Mr. Daka says that he attended the meeting with PF cadres so that he can be made known to the vice president that he is working closely with the PF.

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