MMD says it cannot afford internal misunderstandings in Mambwe district.

The Movement for Multiparty Democracy, MMD, in Eastern Province, says that it cannot afford to have officials in Mambwe district suspended at a critical moment when a by-election is pending in the area.
MMD provincial chairperson, Alexander Miti told Breeze News from Mambwe last evening, that party officials and members need to remain united now, more than ever.
Mr. Miti maintained that all suspensions have been cancelled and that the affected party officials will start working in unity immediately.
He pointed out that the party needs all officials and structures to be fully operational during campaigns.
At the time he was talking to Breeze News, Mr. Miti said that he was about to chair a combined meeting of councillors and constituency officials, where all the misunderstandings would be resolved.
Mr. Miti said that procedure was not followed when the suspensions were being effected.
But the Mambwe district executive committee has maintained the suspension of the entire Malambo Constituency Committee and District vice Treasurer, Morris Sasu until further notice.
District Secretary, Moses Mwale, says that this is in line with the Party Constitution Appendice B paragraph 5 ‘C’, which empowers chairman of Branch, District, Provincial and national executive committees to initiate disciplinary action proceedings provided that the chairman shall convene the meeting within 7 days to approve his action and consider the matter.

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