MMD says PF cannot win an election on its own

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD has charged that the PF, Patriotic Front Party cannot win an election on its own.
Commenting on its victory in the Kakumbi ward by-election, Provincial Chairperson, Jacob Mwanza says that the results were also an indication that the MMD is still popular.
Mr. Mwanza told Breeze News in Mambwe district that the MMD was now ready to win next year’s general elections and unseat the PF.
And Mr. Mwanza says that the party in Eastern Province has now removed what he described as bad seeds.
He expressed happiness over the expulsion of former provincial secretary, Samuel Lugomo Phiri, stating that the party is now gearing up for a by-election in Sisinje Ward, where Mr. Phiri is area councilor.

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