MMD says there is no confusion over Kakumi ward by-election

MMD Provincial Chairperson, Jacob Mwanza has advised party officials to desist from portraying a picture that there is confusion in the party.
Mr. Mwanza says that people who are portraying such an image are paid up in order to cause confusion in MMD.
He says that rather than causing confusion, party members are free to leave the party and join other political parties.
Mr. Mwanza says that it is not true that there is confusion in Kakumbi Ward, because all genuine MMD members are aware that the party has a candidate, Prince Maison Phiri.
He says that MMD did not benefit anything from the perceived alliance with PF, which saw the MMD not fielding candidates in some by-elections, in preference to supporting PF candidates.
Yesterday, MMD Provincial Youth Chairperson, Chembe Daka said that the provincial leadership is not aware that MMD is participating in the by- election.
Mr. Daka said that what he is aware of, is that MMD President Nevers Mumba has put a stop order on MMD from participating in any by-election.

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