MMD tells clergymen to stay away from politics

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD says it is concerned with the high number of clergymen joining active politics in the run up to the August 11 general elections.

Provincial Spokesperson, Zephaniah Kaleya says that these clergymen are dividing the church.

Mr. Kaleya says that there is need for church mother bodies to come out strongly and condemn involvement in politics by the clergy.

He says that the church is supposed to play an active role in eliminating political differences and uniting people instead of being active political participants.

Mr. Kaleya commended Reformed Church in Zambia for issuing a strong statement that clergymen involved in politics should not participate in church activities.

And Mr. Kaleya extended his advice to traditional leaders stating that chiefs should be non-partisan to avoid creating confusion among their subjects.

He was speaking in an interview with Breeze News.

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