MMD threatens to end alliance with PF

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD has threatened to suspend its political alliance with PF, the Patriotic Front Party.

Provincial Spokesperson, Zephaniah Kaleya says that his party is tempted to suspend the alliance because it is not happy with PF’s campaign strategy were it is de-campaigning MMD candidates.

Mr. Kaleya told Breeze News this morning that the party leadership in Eastern Province has received complaints from candidates aspiring for various positions.

He says that although the MMD has the desire to campaign for President Edgar Lungu, the MMD will have no choice but to withdraw its support if PF continues to disregard terms of the alliance.

Mr. Kaleya stated that it is impossible for the PF to win the August 11 general elections without support from MMD.

And Mr. Kaleya expressed unhappiness that the PF is contesting the position of council chairperson in Mambwe district despite MMD not contesting the Malambo parliamentary seat to allow the ruling party win the seat.

He charged that there are members of the PF that seem to be selfish instead of supporting MMD in some positions being contested.

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