MMD to support PF in Petauke Central and Malambo by-elections

The MMD in Eastern Province has decided to support PF, the Patriotic Front party in the June 30 parliamentary by-elections in Malambo and Petauke Central.
Mambwe District Chairperson Zephaniah Kaleya says that the decision was made during a meeting with district party heads in the region.
According to a copy of minutes availed to Breeze News the officials resolved that there must be mutual understanding and respect for both parties to achieve their overall goals.
They have stated that the party will however, contest in future by- elections in areas where the party is still strong, with support from what they called their “sister party”, PF.
The MMD officials further resolved to declare null and void suspensions of all party members in the Province.
This means that Chipata District Chairperson, Sinoya Mwale will continue working in the same position as well as Samuel Lugomo Phiri in the capacity of Acting Provincial Chairperson.
And the meeting further resolved that regalia embedded with faces of former party leaders must be used in order to allow for reconciliation and stability in the party.
The MMD party officials have also called for a national convention to be held within three months in readiness for the 2016 tripartite election.
The resolutions come after MMD President Nevers Mumba at the last minute, told all MMD candidates to withdraw from participating in the coming by – elections.

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