MMD wants Malawian Judge Lovermore Chikopa sent back to his country.

The debate over the continued stay of Malawian Judge Lovermore Chikopa in Zambia has continued.
Movement for Multi- Party Democracy youths in Eastern Province have asked government to consider sending back judge Chikopa to his home country.

Speaking to Breeze News, MMD Provincial Youth Chairperson, Chembe Daka says that keeping judge Chikopa in the country is wasting tax payer’s money, which can be used to solve other problems affecting the nation.
Mr. Daka says that the country is facing many challenges like lack of medicine in hospitals and poor road network which needs quick attention.
Early this month, parliament heard that Malawian Judge Lovemore Chikopa who was invited by government last year to chair a tribunal instituted by President Michael Sata to probe three judges is still in Zambia.
Vice President Guy Scott told the House that Judge Chikopa was in the country and that the tribunal to be chaired by the Malawian Judge was still on.

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