Money changers in Chipata complain of poor business.

Some business people involved in the exchange of currencies in Chipata have complained that their business has gone down due to the loss of value of the Zambian Kwacha.
The businessmen spoken to by Breeze News charged that very few people are currently changing currencies unlike the previous months when many business people were changing money.
They explained that most of the people have resorted to conducting business within the country because it is no longer profitable to order goods from neighbouring countries.
And a check by Breeze News in some Banks around Chipata yesterday found that the US dollar is trading at 9 Kwacha 90 Ngwee while the British Pound is selling at 15 Kwacha 38 Ngwee.
The Euro is trading around 11 Kwacha 25 Ngwee, the South African Rand at 0.72 Kwacha while the Malawian Kwacha is trading at 0.15 Kwacha.

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