More children under the age of five in Eastern Province are dying from malaria than adults.

The Ministry of Health in Eastern Province has revealed that more children under the age of five are dying from malaria than adults.

Provincial Medical officer, Dr. Kennedy Malama says that this is despite the number of malaria incidences having reduced in the province.

Speaking during a Zambia Medical Jubilee press briefing in Chipata this morning, Dr. Malama explained that in 2012, 691 people died of malaria while 392 died in 2013.

He says that the number of people dying has reduced due to the innervations that have been put in place like the indoor residue spray and the distribution of insect side Treated Mosquito nets.

And Dr. Malama has expressed worry that some people on Anti- Retrial Viral Therapy, ART still believe in faith healing and stop taking the drugs.

He has advised people on ART to be seeking medical attention before they stop taking the drug.

Meanwhile The Ministry of Health says that health service provision has improved, since Zambia got its independence in 1964.

Dr. Malama explained that almost all the heath institutions in Zambia are manned by local doctors unlike in the past when most doctors were from outside the country.

Dr. Malama added that most hospitals are well equipped such that most special cases are treated within the country.

He says that the health sector has lined up a number of activities as Zambia will be celebrating 50 years of independence.

These include attending to patients with special cases from the community and training of health personnel in trauma management, so that they attend to accident victims.

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