More complaints about delayed payslips emerge

Some teachers in Katete district have complained of not being upgraded despite obtaining higher professional qualifications.

The teachers who spoke to Breeze News on condition of anonymity say that despite the Ministry of Education encouraging them to upgrade their qualifications, their salaries have not been upgraded.

They say that most teachers in the area who have obtained degrees have stayed for a long time without being upgraded.

The teachers appealed to the Ministry of General Education to consider upgrading them because the cost of living has gone up.

When contacted for a comment, Ministry of General Education Spokesperson, Hilary Chipango urged the teachers to exercise patience as the ministry is working hard to ensure that they are upgraded.

Mr. Chipango says the concern raised by teachers in Katete is genuine, adding that upgrading them is an ongoing process.

He explained that government has already put in place plans to upgrade teachers to the right salary scale.

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